Sponsorship Opportunities

Join the MSS Team and start earning!

Become a member of the Morera Speed Shop member and earn money doing it! Team Members recieve the hood banner exclusive to team members only! And every time someone uses your discount code YOU get paid!! 


  • Email us at sales@moreraspeedshop.com
  • Write "Sponsorship Application" in the subject line.
  • Include the following in the body of the email.
  • Year, Make, and Model of your car.
  • Provide a rough list of mods
  • include your instagram and/or TikTok featuring your car.
  • Tell me the story behind it. We are all about celebrating grassroots and backyard projects that shine thanks to the love their owners give them.
  • Once accepted, you will be sent an invoice for the sponsor pack ($45) which includes the following:  2air fresheners, 1T-Shirt of your choice (max value 26$), 1 hood banner (chose color), and your exclusive discount code. We also will have a private group chat for all sponsored members to share tips and input on future product. 
  • Once you have your discount code you can start sharing it with your friends and followers and earn money every time someone uses the code!


  • Include your code everywhere you can! (Bio, Captions, ect.) If you don't have a website linked in your bio, provide them a link to MoreraSpeedShop.com to get them to the website to use your code!


  • Your Custom discount code offers people a percentage off their order.
  • When an order comes in that uses your code, I then take a piece from the total dollar amount of the order and send it to YOU! simple as that! Payments from purchases are tallied up weekly and paid Fridays.

Someone used my code and was then issued a refund, do I owe money

  • When a customer that uses your code is issued a refund the portion that was paid to you is placed as a balance against your account and will be subtracted from your weekly earning until it is repaid.
  • Example:
  • If you received $10 from a single order and that order is then returned your balance will be -$10 and will be deducted from your future orders until that $10 is repaid. Taking advantage of this honor system will result in removal of promo code. 

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